Website re-build

Apologies, I am rebuilding this website. I am ecogeographer, a creative data mapper, interdisciplinary designer with social intent and arts-led action researcher. I am putting together new information to better showcase the co-created work ecogeographer carries out. Copy is changing. images are being remade and tagged, and urls relinked – if there is information that you would like to know about, text or visual, and you can’t see it, please email me dom AT ecogeographer DOT com. The site willRead more

Mapping Landscape Values – A new ‘small data’ tool

Mapping Landscape Values (MLVs) is a value based data visualisation service. It supports the provision of agricultural perceptual data. The need to gather, present and store value based data; this presents a challenge for landowners within the agricultural sector as there are very few tools that assist with gathering value based data.  Designer and artist Dominica Williamson from Ecogeographer joined up with cartographer Shaun Lewin over a period of 8 weeks to create a prototype project which demonstrated unique visualRead more

How do people value agricultural landscape?

How do people value agricultural landscape? To get to this answer, I believe it’s sensory and ethnographic. I am utilising citizen science principles and participatory action based depth to get to this answer. I can’t do it alone, it requires experts from different disciplines and sectors. This year collaboration has created a transdisciplinary sub-project with cartographer Shaun Lewin. We have called it Mapping Landscape Values. Part funded by Agritech and guided by several mentors, the project took eight weeks toRead more


UNLOCK NATURE: NATURE LIBÉRÉE ​​is a digital citizen science project led by Reef Conservation which is open to anyone living in Mauritius. Ecogeographer has been fortunate to work with Reef Conservation on several other occasions and it’s been a real pleasure to work with them again on this, despite the current situation and the terrible oil spill caused by MV Wakashio. Ecogeographer’s main role has been communication and design, whilst working with French translation, and attending all strategy and developmentRead more

Webinar – Sensory Sea

Last month Dr Louisa Evans (Univeristy of Exeter) and Ecogeographer delivered a webinar to the MARSOCSCI network titled: Co-producing an understanding of the needs and priorities of coastal communities – here you can view the full event and we will soon be following up with some resources from the day such as answers to questions and a wonderful exchange of sea based objects. The GCRF project Coral Communities co-developed and piloted a sensory visual mixed-method that combined gift exchange, imageRead more

An introduction to botanical art for families

Pick, Pop, Peek, Pin & Paint Plants with CAST-OFF – An introduction to botanical art for families with CAST, August was a joy. On several occasions families joined me in the walled garden at Loe Bar, Helston. We observed the wild garden, used phones to photograph specimens, and sketched and painted wild plants using pencils, microscopes and paints. Importantly, we had to think about which non-humans were using the plants and how colour and structure played a part. We didRead more

What an Atlas, a New Flora

“this Flora of Cornwall is the most comprehensive so far. A 550-page, full colour, hardback book (slightly larger than A4), it is based on a survey of every kilometre square since 1999 and covers 3050 taxa and includes over 1200 distribution maps and more than 1500 photographs. It is based on 2.25 million flowering plant and fern computerised records. Sections include the effects of climate, geology, soils, topography, mining, quarrying and agriculture. There is also information on vegetation history, key habitats, botanicalRead more

Serious Gaming

Ecogeographer tavelled with Dr John Martin and Andy Hughes for the second time to Turin for the third edition of the International Summer School – Learning by Game Creation – organized by a Joint Project of the Politecnico di Torino and University of California, 1st to 8th September 2019, Torino. Our eyes were further opened to how important the project we have created called TAGSCAPE is to the heritage sector and how we can learn so much from them, particularlyRead more

Aerial data, my Cloud dream

Ecogeographer’s just come back from working in Crete. Watch out for how a TAGSCAPE aerial data space will form over the coming two years through the pan European project Ruritage. This work will also impact a local pilgrimage project I am driving with three other colleagues.Read more

Why a digital journal

Ecogeographer’s digital journal helps to develop ideas and think about themes. It also talks about current projects.  This image shows an info graphic that many of us developed. It was part of the project Coral Communities. It talks about the importance of plants and place. A recurring theme that is emerging in Ecogeographer’s co-creations. In June of this year Ecogeographer’s going to Mauritius with Caroline Hattam of Plymouth Marine Laboratory to re-meet Reef Conservation and two communities it worked withRead more