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Category: workshop

A young person squirting ink into water they have coloured to create a seascape.

10 January 2024

Blue, purple and red seas

I am working with young people, artists, and geographers to prepare imagery that expresses young people’s ideas about Francis Drake, as well as facilitating discussions over a cuppa to co-produce material using this imagery as a basis. This interdisciplinary approach not only enriches the creative process but also adds depth and perspective to the storytelling.

Objects laid on a quadrant to represent where they fit into a landscape that is full of heritage and contemporary friction.

10 December 2023

A Velvet History

I am collaborating with Tavistock Youth Cafe and The Tamar Valley National Landscape, with the support from the National Trust to explore Francis Drake’s home at Buckland Abbey. This partnership not only provides a valuable opportunity for young people to connect with their local heritage but also fosters a sense of ownership and leadership in exploring and interpreting the significance of figures like Drake.

Grass arranged in a pile and lit with a slide saying autism to the right of the image.

25 October 2023

Autism, climate change and anarchy

A group of us gained funding to co-create an event aimed to engage not only those who could no longer walk to The Reens - a woodland in Troon, Cornwall - but also targeted children and young people. The event comprised an outdoor workshop in Reens Wood and a gaming session in Troon Village Hall, both of which proved to be engaging and educational experiences.

12 July 2023

Midsummer Butterfly Recording Day

On our annual butterfly-monitoring day at Loe Bar, the weather was hot due to a heatwave, with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a light southwesterly wind. The sky was mostly blue with some cumulus clouds. The tide was going out and was at a midway point. Due to the drought, there were brown patches of grass and the paths were very dry.

A women with a red hat on, painting the sunset in front of her whilst sitting on the beach.

3 March 2023

Art club on the dunes

Artist Hilary Jean Gibson and myself have set up Friends of the Towans Art Club (FOTT ART CLUB) with the support of Towans Ranger Martin Rule and the charity Friends of the Towans. With Martin’s guidance we were able to apply for funding from Dynamic Dunescapes.

Tagscape, Mapping Landscape Values, Agritech, Ecogeographer, Shaun Lewin, Dominica Williamson

6 July 2021

Mapping Landscape Values – A new ‘small data’ tool

Mapping Landscape Values (MLVs) is a value based data visualisation service. It supports the provision of agricultural perceptual data. The need to gather, present and store value based data; this […]

A person in a workshop righting the answer to an open question on a glass slide

25 June 2021

How do people value agricultural landscape?

How do people value agricultural landscape? To get to this answer, I believe it’s sensory and ethnographic. I am utilising citizen science principles and participatory action based depth to get […]

An image of the Chicory flower under UV light created for an introduction to botanical art for families

1 September 2020

An introduction to botanical art for families

Pick, Pop, Peek, Pin & Paint Plants with CAST-OFF – An introduction to botanical art for families with CAST, August was a joy. On several occasions families joined me in […]

12 December 2019

Serious Gaming

The Palace of Venaria (Italian: Reggia di Venaria Reale) is a former royal residence and gardens located in Venaria Reale, near Torino. TAGSCAPE was invited to carry out workshops here in 2018 and 2019. […]

16 May 2019

Why a digital journal

Ecogeographer’s digital journal helps to develop ideas and think about themes. It also talks about current projects.  This image shows an info graphic that many of us developed but a […]