Mapping Landscape Values – A new ‘small data’ tool

Mapping Landscape Values (MLVs) is a value based data visualisation service. It supports the provision of agricultural perceptual data. The need to gather, present and store value based data; this presents a challenge for landowners within the agricultural sector as there are very few tools that assist with gathering value based data.  Designer and artist Dominica Williamson from Ecogeographer joined up with cartographer Shaun Lewin over a period of 8 weeks to create a prototype project which demonstrated unique visualRead more

How do people value agricultural landscape?

How do people value agricultural landscape? To get to this answer, I believe it’s sensory and ethnographic. I am utilising citizen science principles and participatory action based depth to get to this answer. I can’t do it alone, it requires experts from different disciplines and sectors. This year collaboration has created a transdisciplinary sub-project with cartographer Shaun Lewin. We have called it Mapping Landscape Values. Part funded by Agritech and guided by several mentors, the project took eight weeks toRead more

An introduction to botanical art for families

Pick, Pop, Peek, Pin & Paint Plants with CAST-OFF – An introduction to botanical art for families with CAST, August was a joy. On several occasions families joined me in the walled garden at Loe Bar, Helston. We observed the wild garden, used phones to photograph specimens, and sketched and painted wild plants using pencils, microscopes and paints. Importantly, we had to think about which non-humans were using the plants and how colour and structure played a part. We didRead more