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Our projects

Ecogeographer brings together ongoing and completed projects ranging in size from small projects with like-minded individuals and collectives to large undertakings with more-than-profit businesses, charities, trusts and research institutes. All these projects deal with landscape-based issues. Whilst drawing on a team’s skill, I focus on innovation using the field of art, design and sustainability.

Riverscape: Tamara Heritage-led Stories

A heritage project focused on the River Tamar within The Tamar Valley National Landscape (a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) . The goal of the project is to co-produce stories about the river by involving young people, and capturing their feelings and perceptions through arts-led workshops and pop-up heritage displays.

A child with a hat on using a microscope sitting outside. She is part of an art club on the dunes.

Art Club with Friends of the Towans

A new Art Club centred on drawing, painting and making outside whilst in the dunes on the north coast of Cornwall. The club's start-up has been funded by the Dynamic Dunescapes project and is part of Friends of the Towans.

Three young people walking in front of the camera. One is on the shoulders of the other. They are in a woodland in Cornwall.

Hwedhla adro An Run ha bewnans Trewoon I Gathering Stories about The Reens and Troon Life

An arts and heritage-led community celebration sharing life memories, stories, photos of The Reens and Troon in Cornwall. The event was for those who couldn’t walk to a sacred place a group of us are working to safeguard.

Ethnography and qualitative research.

One by Walking

A new network of walking scholars are working together through stakeholder and researcher driven creative walkshops in the Nordic North. The group so far have looked at the following themes: mobilities and post-pandemic changes of lifestyle and heritage, tourism and sustainability futures.

Disposable Cup

I have gathered and archived a collection of thousands of disposable cups. I am very uncomfortable with what they represent – a throwaway culture – I try and seriously limit my use of them, yet they represent a map of my travels – from daily work journeys to city trips and international travel.

Visual methods and ethnographic storytelling.


Ruritage worked with organisations at a local level and assisted them to regenerate their landscape and heritage through locally driven actions. I co-created visual methods so people who lived in the landscape could say how they felt about changes in their landscape.



UNLOCK NATURE: NATURE LIBÉRÉE is a digital citizen science project that is open to everyone in Mauritius. It explores how recent events such as Covid-19 and the Wakashio Oil Spill have affected natural landscapes and asks, have these changes been positive or negative?

Ethnographic field research project drawing on expertise in environmental and health economics, social sciences, development, social psychology, marine geosciences, marine biology, art (including concept and design development and film making) and religious studies.

Coral Communities

Coral Communities looked at how to improve the resilience of communities and coral reefs to changes anticipated as a result of climate change; an issue of huge global importance. Hundreds of millions of people rely on coral reefs to provide essential services such as food and coastal protection.

Dominica Williamson exploring Yellow Rhody's in Cornwall.

Website as Project

I am adding 9 more projects to this page. I have re-designed the website with web developer Matthew Dixon which has been a project in its own right. More work will appear. Please do email me if you would like to know more about the projects I have been involved in.