Our projects

Ecogeographer brings together ongoing and completed projects ranging in size from small projects with like-minded individuals and collectives to large undertakings with more-than-profit businesses, charities, trusts and galleries. All these projects focus on innovation in the field of art, design, sustainability and deal with landscape-based issues.

One of 30 researchers invited to initiate a network for collaboration, discussion and experimentation within the area of research methodologies concerned with walking. Working remotely & in Vålådalen, Sweden. Funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond, Sweden.

Colleagues preparing for Vålådalen, Sweden, Won by Walking with Dr. John Martin

Co-exploring community perceptions of nature in Mauritius using digital participatory methods during lockdown. 


Co-developing a perceptual mapping analysis service with cartographer Shaun Lewin. This project has received funding from the Agritech Cornwall Innovation Grant Scheme funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.

ViewShed, QGIS, VisualMethod Results, Dominica Williamson, Shaun Lewin
Analysing the view workshop participants have of the landscape they were standing in. Image Shaun Lewin.

Picture sourcing & databasing for a new website to promote Welsh sustainable transport with Fiona Fyfe Associates.

Bangor, Great Little Trains of Wales, Images Sourcing by Ecogeographer
Visiting Bangor Garth Pier from the train on foot. Photograph Andy Shotts.

Providing illustrations and QGIS assistance for guidance to ensure that the right tree is planted in the right place, and that local variations in landscape character are sustained and enhanced through appropriate tree planting.

Tree types. Fiona Fyfe Associates with Dominica Williamson for Devon County Council

Ruritage 2019-22
Rural regeneration through systemic heritage-led strategies. Developed perceptual based workshops using rapid material prototyping and visual methods to assist in the monitoring of landscapes. Now co-developing data collection.

Ruritage workshops by Dominica Williamson
Design: Dominica Williamson with University of Plymouth and partners

Coral Communities 2017-18
Building Socio-Ecological Resilience to Coral Reef Degradation in the Islands of the Western Indian Ocean. Co-created an innovative arts-based method to help communities visualize and build on ideas of resilience using participatory methods.

Film. Dominica Williamson with Plymouth Marine Laboratory and partners

tagscape 2016-ongoing 
Gathering, sensing and picturing perceptual and natural data. 
Leverhulme artist-in-residence. Researched and produced innovative participatory mapping methods at Univeristy of Plymouth’s School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Setting up TAGSCAPE exhibition at RGS-IBG Annual International Conference.

Disposable Cup 1995-ongoing
Self initiated project. Collecting and exhibiting disposable cups since 1995. For instance: ‘Drinking from the World: The Disposable Cup’ exhibition at Basile Gallery, Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana, USA, 2010.

Photograph: Chalky Whyte

House of Springs: Trengwainton 
Artist, designer and facilitator in heritage garden project. Created the initial look and feel of project, co-created plant-based workshops and delivered seasonal plant illustrations for digital, print and exhibition use.

Dominica Williamson exploring Yellow Rhody's in Cornwall.
Photograph: Dominica Williamson

Cornwall Archaeological Society
Directed the creation of an image archive and overall design strategy. Redesigned website and continue to improve website with subcommittee.

Design and strategy work by Dominica Williamson
Design work: Dominica Williamson

The Giant Outdoors
Oral history and archaeological mapping. Beta Version 1.0 launched
Directed and designed an interactive map in the form of a web app to interpret and reflect on an archaeological landscape. Working to develop a version 2.0.

Design: Dominica Williamson

Rate My View  
Created promotional material for downloadable App. Managed creative team to output video and print assets.

Design: Dominica Williamson. Photograph: Andy Hughes

The Giant’s Quoit
Directed, designed and managed all print and digital assets for this award winning project. Also developed educational and outreach resources and oral history.

Design: Dominica Williamson

Eden Project Florilegium 2014
Redesigned newsletter and website. Working with committee to improve outreach.

Design: Dominica Williamson

The First Wave
Made 14 oral history interviews in Cornwall and Ireland. Inteviewed professional and local surf heros such Dan ‘Mole’ Joe Chris Hines MBE, Andy Hill and Alan Duke.

Art direction: Helen Munro Berry. Main photograph: Andy Hughes

Eden Project Florilegium 20072009
Worked towards first botanical plate for scientific archive.
Continue to submit, publish and exhibit work. For instance, exhibiting in Radical Botany, Eden Project, 2020

Scientific Name: Ulex europaeus, Common Name: European Gorse, Artist: Dominica Williamson

theirwork 2005-6
Co-developed ethnographic mapping software – read about the project in Re-thinking Maps

Author Emmet Connolly & Dominica Williamson

Green Map System 2003-2004
Design director for Green Map Atlas. Published in Fuad-Luke, A. (2005) ‘Green Map Atlas’, The Eco Design Handbook, London: Thames and Hudson (2nd edition) p.177.

Design direction: Dominica Williamson. Designer: Asako Kondo