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Co-create with me

Contact me at if you want to talk about a project big or small. I’d love to get an email and discuss it. I have a day rate which works on a sliding scale depending on the type of organisation you are. I have a workshop rate to introduce people to botanical illustration and a rate for creating an arts-led workshop. I can also discuss design or fine art based projects.

I am developing a new service which is listed for landowners or managers. I want to co-create with you. If you are working with people who would benefit from learning about farms, including through volunteering, you could be interested. This service is about promoting the up and coming changes to our farming landscape.

If you are a landowner or manager this service could be for you:

Mapping Landscape Values MLV (Prototype Project)

In terms of working with you on other ideas, I can help you write into a grant or pitch an idea. I’ve left examples for you below.

If you are a researcher looking for an artist who uses visual methods this is a good example for you to look at:

Coral Communities

If you are an organisation that would like an artist to deliver botanical workshops, here is an example for you to read:

Pick, Pop, Peek, Pin & Paint Plants

If you are an organisation looking for a creative designer who can provide value for money, here's some of my skills:

How do people visualise a landscape, part of a visual essay to answer this question

Output: Print

Layout design

Teamwork and co-production methods are a priority, and I work closely with project leads, as well as copywriters and photographers.

Output: Discovering landscape character

Illustration plus botanical workshops

Drawing, both observational and expressive, is a core skill that underpins my practice and I use it to develop and communicate ideas, and to share drawing skills.

Output: Web

Digital assets

Working with programmers and web developers, including Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technicians who are up-to-date with the latest digital developments, is hugely rewarding.

Tagscape workshop with Trevithick Learning Academy, Dave Davies from Sustrans. Walking in Crenver Grove, Praze-an-Beeble (looked after by charity Sustrust) a child excitedly grabs a glass case to get making. Health and Safety kicks in! Photograph Andy Hughes.

Overlooked people

I am very interested in working with people who are easily ignored. For instance, I have co-produced a workshop with the Hearing Voices Network.

I like to work with schools who address dyslexia, give children time to be in nature and who work with children on bicycles. For example, I have co-produced a workshop with Dave Davies of Sustrans.

This workshop toured children through different woodland zones on their bicycles: they learnt how to check if their bike was ready for a ride; they learnt tree identification skills with Dave Readman from Cotna, and they drew and modelled the woods around them with myself and post-graduate student Ryan Putt. Towards the end of the workshop, fire and hot chocolate greeted them, along with an exhibition of their work.