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Co-create with me

Contact me at if you want to talk about a project big or small. I’d love to get an email and discuss it. I have a day rate which works on a sliding scale depending on the type of organisation you are. I have a workshop rate to introduce people to botanical illustration and a rate for creating an arts-led workshop.

In terms of working with you on an idea, I can help you write into a grant or pitch an idea. I’ve left examples for you below. I am also developing a new service which is listed for landowners or managers. I want to co-create with you. You may also be interested if you are working with people who would benefit from learning about farms, including through volunteering.

If you are a landowner or manager this service could be for you:

Mapping Landscape Values MLV (Prototype Project)

If you are a researcher looking for an artist who uses visual methods this is a good example for you to look at:

Coral Communities

If you are an organisation that would like an artist to deliver botanical workshops, here is an example for you to read:

Pick, Pop, Peek, Pin & Paint Plants

Tagscape workshop with Trevithick Learning Academy, Dave Davies from Sustrans. Walking in Crenver Grove, Praze-an-Beeble (looked after by charity Sustrust) a child excitedly grabs a glass case to get making. Health and Safety kicks in! Photograph Andy Hughes.

Overlooked people

I am very interested in working with people who are easily ignored. For instance, I have co-produced a workshop with the Hearing Voices Network.

I like to work with schools who address dyslexia, give children time to be in nature and who work with children on bicycles. For example, I have co-produced a workshop with Davie Davies of Sustrans. This workshop toured children through different woodland zones on their bicycles: they learnt how to check if their bike was ready for a ride; they learnt tree identification skills with Dave Readman from Cotna, and they drew and modelled the woods around them with myself and post-graduate student Ryan Putt. Towards the end of the workshop, fire and hot chocolate greeted them, along with an exhibition of their work.

If you are an organisation looking for a creative designer who can provide value for money, here's some of my skills:

How do people visualise a landscape, part of a visual essay to answer this question

Output: Print

Layout design

Teamwork and co-production methods are a priority, and I work closely with project leads, as well as copywriters and photographers.

Output: Discovering landscape character

Illustration plus botancial workshops

Drawing, both observational and expressive, is a core skill that underpins my practice and I use it to develop and communicate ideas, and to share drawing skills.

Output: Web

Digital assets

Working with programmers and web developers, including Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technicians who are up-to-date with the latest digital developments, is hugely rewarding.