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Layout design

– Zines
– Newspapers
– Postcards

Making high-quality, low-budget printed material incorporating innovative, original imagery brings me great satisfaction. Teamwork and co-production methods are a priority, and I work closely with project leads, as well as copywriters and photographers. Choosing sustainable materials and printing methods is also crucial and I ensure these are tailored to meet the needs and ethos of each project.

I designed the booklet for the Giant’s Quoit, an award-winning restoration of a Neolithic Cornish monument, for which I also led community outreach projects. I also relish working with fonts that can handle a different language. For the Giant’s Quoit, this was Cornish, while for Coral Communities, I created both French and English versions of a printed newspaper. My only regret is that we didn’t gain funding to make a Swahili version – a project for the future.

For the project Rate My View, I created a set of postcards for key outlets located at popular sites, after visiting all the UK locations with a photographer. Now that the project includes overseas sites, I’ve been accessing the landscape virtually, sharing files with photographers based abroad to create layouts in different languages, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Design development work for the project Rate My View by Dominica Williamson.

How do people visualise a landscape, part of a visual essay to answer this question

TAGSCAPE zine created for the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London. Exhibiting artwork and research by Dominica Williamson from Bellever Forest, Dartmoor and Crenver Grove, Cornwall. With essays by Kayler Parker and Dr John Martin. Photograph: Andy Hughes.

French version of a co-produced newspaper made by Dominica Williamson and 3 communities, 2 NGO’s, 2 communication experts, 2 artists, 1 filmaker, 1 faith based organisation and 3 academic institutions in 2018.

French version of a newspaper centre spread co-produced by the Coral Communities team - illustrated by Tooshir Beestobchurn from Roches Noires Eco-Marine, Mauritius together with Dawn Ashby from Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

Design work Dominica Williamson in collaboration with photographer Andy Hughes for the project Rate My View.

Design work by Dominica Williamson for the project Rate My View.