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Digital assets

– Co-creating perceptual data
– Collating oral histories
– Developing websites for NGOs

I am currently developing methods for filing and mapping perceptual visual data with cartographer Shaun Lewin. Together, we created the image below for a development project, Mapping Landscape Values, which aims to analyse people’s perceptions of a landscape from the 3D models they make during outdoor workshops. This links to perceptual text-based work I am co-creating and analysing with geographer, Dr John Martin, such as the ‘such as the gold image with bottle’.

Tagscape, Mapping Landscape Values, Agritech, Ecogeographer, Shaun Lewin, Dominica Williamson

Mapping Landscape Values analysis by Shaun Lewin in collaboration with Dominica Williamson. The image shows which parts of the landscape were visible by a group of participants whilst they were making a Mini Landscape model.

For the Giant’s Quoit project, I created a beta web app with a web developer. The app maps the route of walks, oral history, and layers of time through archeological finds that are plotted on the excavation site. I’m seeking to update and co-develop this app through the project Shells, Saints and Saunterings.

I also design websites for non-profit organisations, including several charities. Working with a programmer, my aim is to raise an organisation’s profile by improving how the content is delivered, including how the site functions and looks. Project aftercare is always built in, so the site is maintained and updated, and I offer training on creating, filing, storing, and uploading imagery.

Eden Project Florilegium website. Design: Dominica Williamson. Programming Jeff Meadows.

Design direction: Dominica Williamson. Designer: Asako Kondo

Perceptual text-based work Dominica Williamson has co-creating and is analysing with geographer, Dr John Martin. These words come from participants who were part of the workshop Tagscape, the third edition of the International Summer School - Learning by Game Creation.

The Giant Outdoors web app co-created by Dominica Williamson and Pip Richards. 
Development, build and knowledge transfer Michael Waterworth. GIS map of finds by James Gossip of CAU.

The Giant Outdoors web app co-created by Dominica Williamson and Pip Richards. 
Oral history recordings by Dominica Williamson. 
Films David Everitt. Development, build and knowledge transfer Michael Waterworth.

Films for the Giant Outdoors app were created by David Everitt. Presenter Julian Richards (Web App opening presenter).