Welcome to Ecogeographer, a place that explores how innovative and collaborative art and design can influence and promote sustainability. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on mapping in its widest sense to create pathways for information and ideas. Examples of work undertaken include: creating meaningful maps of natural landscapes to engage the general visitor and the specialist; mapping found objects from archeological finds to cups discarded in the urban and rural environment; using perceptual data – people’s feelings and impressions – to reveal a landscape’s special character.

Ecogeographer is run by me, Dominica (Dom) Willliamson, an artist and designer who draws inspiration from landscape. The site features a portfolio of projects and variety of client work as well as an outline of what I can offer. My skill set is highlighted under work and development can be traced in my Journal.

MSc Digital Futures, University of Plymouth, final major project distinction & publication

Coral Communties

BA Hons Design Studies First Class, Goldsmiths College University of London

A trained artist and designer, I am based in Cornwall, and my chosen field is multidisciplinary and sustainable design with an emphasis on mapping. In my practice I combine fine art, three dimensional modelling, graphic design, photography and digital map-making as well as walking. Current developments include artworks I’ve produced from data gathered by remote sensors that are now being employed to plot landscape features.

Interdisciplinarity, co-creation and open source are core modes of working

I prefer to work with like-minded people in co- and community design and have collaborated with individuals and organisations in a variety of areas – from photographers, editors and programmers to PhD landscape management students and professional archeologists. From 2015, I have worked with a geographer on a Leverhulme funded artist-in-residency project at the University of Plymouth. For the last few years I have been working with different types of scientists on a resilience project called Coral Communities. Since 2019, I have been working on a cultural regeneration pan-European project with geographers, heritage specialists and psychologists called Ruritage. In 2020, I started co-developing projects that address Covid-19. During 2022 I am centred on testing an Agritech prototype project in farming landscape as well as working on new landscape protection projects. I am also working with a group of dynamic walking researchers across the U.K. and Scandinavia.

Leverhulme Artist In Resident, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Published. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Fellow of the Eden Project Florilegium Society


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Irish. Brought up in Cornwall, UK in a coastal community. Sea person. Dyslexic & proud.

In addition to taking on projects, I also accept commissions for illustrative work, talks and workshops. My CV is available, on request. Please state reason and email dom AT ecogegeographer DOT com. Thank you.