White, Goose, Storm (observing)

Pete Postlethwaite is sending an arrow through my heart. Romeo and Juliet, The Age of Stupid and Brassed off, in that order, keep running round my head. Not the New Year I had expected. To me it feels a slow year to get started. It’s been a cold white winter with some snow and an ever present frost that’s been drilling down to my herbs. My New Year plan was to set in some kind of ‘freeze’, my own personalRead more

Green hosting

Twelve months ago, almost to the day, I had great plans. My New Years resolution was to move house to a green hosting company. I fought hard to make it. Like so many others making resolutions, I fell by the wayside. I gave up by the Spring. You see I had wanted the real deal. Not, ‘Go on plant a tree for your sins’. Or, ‘Feel better! We have some solar-topped offices and an employee buy-a-bike scheme’. I wanted toRead more