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Posted by dom in young people, workshop

10 January 2024

Blue, purple and red seas

A purple sea with gold from Francis Drake’s ships floating in it. A scene created by a group of young people as they were exploring what Francis Drake meant to them. Photograph and co-facilitation: Andy Hughes
A theatre scene of a graveyard created by a group of young people as they explored what Francis Drake meant to them.

A graveyard of red blood symbolising the destruction of Drake's conquests created by a group of young people from Tavistock Youth Cafe. Photograph and co-facilitation: Andy Hughes

I am working with young people, artists, and geographers to prepare imagery that expresses young people’s ideas about Francis Drake, as well as facilitating discussions over a cuppa to co-produce material using this imagery as a basis. This interdisciplinary approach not only enriches the creative process but also adds depth and perspective to the storytelling.

Discussing the possibility of storyboarding the imagery further into zines or mini films, or perhaps both, opens up exciting opportunities for the young people to express their ideas and narratives in diverse mediums. Zines offer a tangible and tactile format for exhibiting their work, allowing for creative layouts and personal expression, while mini films provide a dynamic and immersive way to convey stories visually, incorporating elements like music, narration, and special effects to enhance the storytelling experience.

For instance, the young people have created coastscapes and seascapes depicting scenes like a sea ablaze with a Spanish ship and a graveyard of red blood symbolizing the destruction of Drake’s conquests, illustrating the powerful and evocative imagery that they are exploring.

Two young people making a model ship from a cardboard flatpack kit.

Young people making a cardboard model ship to float in a tank of water to represent the sinking of a ship by Francis Drake. Photograph: Andy Hughes

By incorporating these visual representations into zines or mini films, they can further explore and communicate their thoughts and feelings about Francis Drake, creating impactful narratives that engage and resonate with audiences.

By leveraging interdisciplinary collaboration and embracing diverse mediums of expression, the project is helping to empower the next generation of storytellers to share their perspectives and contribute to a richer understanding of history and culture.

Young people in a room making artwork whilst Francis Drake ship illustrations are projected on them.

Young people viewing each other's 3D coast and seascapes whilst images are projected onto their work. Photograph Andy Hughes