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4 January 2023

Digital, watery and Finnish creations

This New Year I am assembling and archiving new and past work. I will add developments to this journal as I move forward but the projects page is where the main population of material will take place. Work like this will appear:

  • I am working in Aaron Moore’s Maker’s Space late winter using 3D digital machines using perspex, cut glass and magnets
  • I am walkshopping in spring with the One by Walking network in the Finnish Archipelago
  • A new art club I co-created with Friends of the Towans, Dynamic Dunescapes and artist Hilary Jean Gibson will re-start in February thanks to funding from Dynamic Dunescapes¬†
  • I’m setting off on some school and community led river research in Devon in the summer.
  • Lastly, I hope to be capturing some of my favourite Cornish Elders on camera in Troon, Cornwall

There are a few legacy issues on the project page as the website has recently been re-built but this will soon evolve with rich resources.

I am excited to show off award winning archaeological work, old and new landscape based values projects, oral history encounters and non profit work I carry out.

I am also repositioning how I talk about Ecogeographer. What I do. Why I use that word. Why is it important? And looking at my own heritage within that. 

Watch this space! Oh, I’m going to make a newsletter in the summer so you won’t have to watch this space. Sign-up to my email below if you want to be kept up-to-date.¬†

Photograph Jason Parsons