UNLOCK NATURE: NATURE LIBÉRÉE is a digital citizen science project that is open to everyone in Mauritius. It explores how recent events such as Covid-19 and the Wakashio Oil Spill have affected natural landscapes and asks, have these changes been positive or negative? To achieve this, two free easy to use mobile phone applications and an online survey are being used to capture as many people’s photos and thoughts as possible. Rate My View and the Mauritius Coastal Impact Survey are for individuals to use. For Landscape Connect we are encouraging use by families as well as individuals.

Follow the links below to access the apps and survey.


Landscape Connect is an app that is free to download to your Android smartphone or tablet. Share your concerns, thoughts and views about your favourite local places. Please help us by visiting a natural place, taking a photo, and answering the short questions using Landscape Connect.

View PDF: Landscape Connect – How to use the mobile app.

Access French version Landscape Connect – How to use the mobile app.

An app that lets you load landscape questions for users to answer whilst out in the landscape


Rate my view is an app that is free to download and allows you to share pictures taken on your smartphone or tablet. Visit your local natural places and use the Rate My View app. Then use the website to see the views near you that other people in Mauritius have rated.

Download www.ratemyview.co.uk to get the app for free!

ree App called Rate My View to capture landscape values


The Mauritius Coastal Impact Survey captures your views about the threats and impacts on your local environment in Mauritius and what should be done to help conserve these natural places. We are particularly interested in the effects of the oil spill, and your views on mangrove management.

Access the survey here and enter password: mangroves&oil

A Mauritius Coastal Impact Survey to look at the impact of the oil spill and covid-19

Your data will be used to work towards improving the environment of Mauritius by Reef Conservation through their conservation projects Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas and SOS Mangroves. www.reefconservation.mu

For information and ongoing results go to their Facebook page:

Access English PDF version of this web page

Access French version of this web page
Access French PDF version of this web page

This is a locally led international collaborative project


University of Plymouth, Ruritage, Reef Conservation, Global Challenges Research Fund, European Union