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Movement Heritage

Participatory map-making by Fenton-Ia in the Reens. Mapping of land use within the different categories of common land, created by Philip Hills. Photograph Andy Hughes.

Pathways: Exploring the Routes of a Movement Heritage

A team of us have written a chapter in a new book about work we are carrying out on foot in Cornwall. The volume’s objectives include: 

  • Formulate an expansion of the landscape heritage through one of its most defining practices, movement by foot. This heritage is physical in the shape of paths, trails and effects on vegetation, but it is also a local memory landscape or life world with great significance, and it is increasingly digital as it appears in computer games and mobile images.
  • Engage in dialogue around several cases in different regions that show how trails and paths can be, and have been, a resource in and for the heritage sector and for sustainable landscape management
  • Analyse how this movement heritage is articulated, and what type of historical, literary, and mediated accounts that are used in the process. It will consist of three sections, tied together through the introduction and the concluding chapter by the editors.
It’s an anthology of ethnography and phenomenology, edited by Daniel Svensson, Katarina Saltzman and Sverker Sörlin with a foreword by Tim Ingold.

Shells, Saints and Saunterings illustrated in Martin J, Serrano J, Nowakowski J, Williamson D. (2022) ‘Heritage Trails: to Sustainable Development Goals’, Pathways: Exploring the Routes of a Movement Heritage, Cambridgeshire: The White Horse Press. Image of Brother Petroc surveying Fenton Ia from its highest vantage point, The Reens. Photograph Peter Dewhurst.

Our chapter is 12, pp. 240-263 (24 pages), titled ‘Heritage trails: Pathways to sustainable development goals’. Written by John Martin, Joane Serrano, Jacqueline Nowakowski and Dominica Williamson with quotes by Wendy Penberthy and Philip Hills. Imagery by Peter Dewhurst, Philip Hills and Andy Hughes.

Full details here:

Martin J, Serrano J, Nowakowski J, et al. (2022) ‘Heritage Trails: to Sustainable Development Goals’, Pathways: Exploring the Routes of a Movement Heritage; Cambridgeshire: The White Horse Press. Available online.

At Green Map System, we love working with Dom! She designed the Green Map Atlas in 2003, a bilingual book, CDRom and website to share impacts of 8 locally-led projects. For over 20 years, her mapmaking style stands out for its attention to detail, inclusion of community voices and regenerative perspective on historic places.

— Wendy Brawer, Green Map System