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28 February 2018

Sea Meadows

#tagscape / NON-indigenous plantations, LIVED forests > #coralcommunities / SEA meadows, MANGROVE forests > SAND dunes >

Ecogeographer has moved from non-indigenous plantations to endangered sea meadows in the space of 3 years. In 2018 it will move between both with a focus on soil, saltwater swimming and communication. The territory to cover is rich, multi-dimensional and requires collaboration with experts in particular fields as well as working with communities who know their place.

Ecogeographer will have to communicate to academics through papers, NGO’s through practice-based activities such as workshopping and documenting, and to the public through drawing, exhibiting and listening. 

Follow the work and see a snippet of it developing below. 

Header image: Octopus Object. Above image: UK Sand Dune. Below images: Creating a Coastcape from the #CoralCommunities project. Photographs Jason Parsons. 

A Coral Communities Visual Methods workshop was led by Dominica Williamson of Ecogeographer in Exeter with facilitation from NGO’s and scientists. Photographer Jason Parsons helped to capture the workshop. 

‘Bring an item that means something to you about the coast and that you can talk about in terms of ecosystem services. This can be an object or an image (e.g. a photograph or a picture from a newspaper/magazine), or anything else that springs to mind.’ ‘Now create a coastscape in a group, it can be an abstract idea or a simulation.’