The Giant’s Quoit

A snippet of work

Ecogeographer has been designing many things for the Giant’s Quoit project such as the website, leaflets, posters and educational workshops and resources. It’s an exemplar community project and an important archaeological site – the first dig under a quoit for a long time.

This Autumn it is busy designing the App, the book, the walks brochure (brilliantly researched by Ramblers) and it is developing the Oral History side things, which is helping to broaden the outreach. Below is a snippet of the design work.

Giant's Quoit poster design by Dominica Williamson
Poster design for the Giant’s Quoit

Education flyer by Dominica Williamson
Education week and flyer designed for the Giant’s Quoit

Educational fun resources by Dominica Williamson
One of the educational resources created for the Giant’s Quoit

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