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Photo of dom

Posted by dom in Disposable Cup

25 March 2010

Disposable Cup – add to the collection!

If you want to add a cup to ‘my disposable cup collection’, you can!

Go to the photo sharing site Flickr.

If you’re not signed up, go do it now. It’s free, easy and great.

Here’s some of my cup collection on my Flickr space

If you upload a cup to your own space, you can then quickly add it to the Disposable Cup Group

One day your cup will appear here

This is going to be a site where the cups will get showcased and information about disposable cups will get in-putted, like how to reduce disposable cup usage.

Any questions, please ask.

Oh, I am going to offer a postal service soon, so if someone doesn’t want to photograph and use Flickr and so forth, they can just send me the cup, and I will do the rest.

Collected disposable cups

More information about my disposable cup collection coming soon, but for the moment, I leave you with this –

Morning, rush, fix, dash, sit…
Morning, drive, shop, drink, eat, throw…
Approach, choose, buy, drink, leave behind…walk away.
Journey, thirst, drink, boredom, hungry, eat…discard.