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Welcome to Ecogeographer – a place that sets out to chart new journeys in digital design and sustainability. Ecogeographer is run by me, Dominica Williamson (usually known as Dom). I am an artist and designer based in Cornwall and I am big into collaborative interdisciplinary work, movement and surf. I am a freelancer and work within the field of multidisciplinary design with a focus on Co and Community Design, Digital and Open Source design.

At the moment I am working with photographers, scientists and communities on a project called Coral Communities. I’ve just held a Leverhulme-artist-in-residency project at the University of Plymouth with Geographers, which we are publishing and co-developing throughout 2018 and 2019. Before that I worked with archaeologists and the community on an award winning project called the Giant’s Quoit.

Blog entries are sketchbook like in nature and are about green auditing, overseas talks, some client work and self-initiated projects that are developing like Plant and Place and Disposable Cup. The project area contains recent client work.

In the past I have created pipeline stuff with a programmer which was published. I blog about this at theirwork, a project which was piloted and so the blog doesn’t make much sense to an external audience—it’s a place for managing my mapping ideas. Mapping, art, design and sustainability are central to my work and these are the areas I have studied to post graduate level, and with a First-class honours (Goldsmiths University). In the future, I want to connect with hard core graphic designers, sound artists and typographers to map co-feelings that emerge and to build on communicating ideas.

I am a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Eden Project Florilegium Society, and I advise three non-profit organisations–Green Map System as a board member, Sustrust as a trustee and the Eden Project Florilegium Society as a committee member.

Published work

Paper n.d. Martin, J., Putt. R., Williamson, D. ‘Thinking Outside the Box: A Visual and Sensory Landscape Journey to Capture Perceptual Values’.
Illustrations in press: (2018) Home of Springs, Trengwainton: A Story of People, Plants and Place.
Illustrations: Franklin, R. (2018) A Coming of Age: Celebrating 18 Years of Botanical Painting by The Eden Project Florilegium Society London: Two Rivers Press.
Designed: Richards, P. (2014) A Monument Like No Other: The Restoration of Carwynnen Quoit, Cornwall: The Sustainable Trust.
Illustrated: ‘Embedded’ (2014) Andy Hughes, Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, Anchorage Museum, Rasmuson Center, Alaska: Booth Clibborn Editions.
Figure: Dominica Williamson, 2010, Ulex europaeus, watercolour, (Campbell-Culve, Maggie.) 2011, ‘The Cornish Garden’, Journal of the Cornwall Garden Society, issue 54, p.35.
Connolly, E. & Williamson, D. (2009) ‘theirwork: The Development of a Sustainable
Mapping Tool’, Rethinking Maps: New Frontiers in Cartographic Theory, London:

Connolly, E. & Williamson, D. (2009) ‘theirwork: Community Mapmaking Turns
Guerrilla Activity’ Fourth Door Review: The Hall of Risk Issue, No. 8, Salisbury:
Hayacinth House.

Featured: Fuad-Luke, A. (2005) ‘Green Map Atlas’, The Eco Design Handbook, London: Thames and Hudson (2nd edition) p.177.
Directed: Green Map System (2004) Green Map Atlas, New York: Green Map System
Featured: Timothy Guy Design ‘Tomorrow’s World’ in Designing: The Design and Technology
Magazine for Schools, Warwickshire: DATA, Summer 2001, p.20.

CV available, please state reason for request

email: dom at ecogeographer dot com

  1. Alun Morgan says: July 29, 20113:45 pm

    Dear Dom (if I may)

    I came across your work browsing the Geography section of a bookshop where I found your chapter on Theirwork in the Rethinking Maps book. I have a long standing interest in community and bioregional mapping and so am very interested in your activities. I have also recently moved to Exeter Uni (although not yet domestically) and so the prospect of engaging with work in the SW and Cornwall (given the Tremough campus) is quite possible. I would therefore be interested in opening up channels of communication if you are interested


  2. dom says: October 20, 20111:10 pm

    Dear Alun,

    I’ve been busy all summer and not doing enough blogging work. Just got this comment. Great that you got this chapter. I must put it online here. I have been keeping an eye on Exeter Geography department. I like what they are doing. It would be great to talk.

    Thank you for your interest.


  3. dom says: October 20, 20114:15 pm

    Oh, email me if you like – dom at ecogeographer dot com


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