Capturing the future

– Imagining scenarios
– Creating individual and group actions through workshops
– Marking the event

To help us see different futures we need time to be imaginative and reflective. To help us cope with the future we also need reflective time and we need to carefully uncover our vulnerabilities. When creating workshops that are about managing change or climate change or envisioning a new scenario or all three, Ecogeographer develops tools that are sculptural, creative and reusable. The tools often use water and involve people carrying out an everyday action, followed by a group act. Using such tools enables a quiet performance to a happen. Individual actions come together and are witnessed.

Workshop / Jubilee Pool Stories: A Pool for Life

A day long series of workshops for the project Jubilee Pool Stories with St Maddern’s Church of England School. Children were aged from 6 to 11 and spent the whole day at Jubilee Pool in Penzance, Cornwall, UK.
Photograph Andy Hughes.

Four different workshops were held throughout the day and moved from a 1780s bathing machine to 80s post modernism. In between there was swimming and model making. At the end of the day, the children were told about the future idea for the pool – the Warm Up Jubilee Pool project. The children were then asked to write down what they would like to see in the Pool in the future, and were then asked to place their wish in a plant-based see-through bag and put it in a glass plant-based pool. The workshop, including their words, were exhibited for the general public to see at Newlyn Exchange in Penzance.

The teacher
The workshops were all very engaging. The children could access the workshops no matter their age or ability. Each workshop was different, but were all very well planned and well thought out. The workshops allowed the children to have freedom and be creative which helped keep them engaged. The children listened and participated in discussions the whole session, which shows their engagement. They were very enthusiastic about wanting to find out more, and were confident in asking questions to support this. Nichola Matthews.

Workshop / Coral Communities: Waterpoof Ocean Basket

Ecogeographer worked on the project Coral Communities for over a year. This example of ‘Capturing the Future’ is from a two-day workshop on Fundo Island with islanders from fisheries management, Zanzibar. The workshop focussed on resource mapping and resilience.
Photograph of green ocean basket Mark Bryant. Photograph of group with blue ocean basket Timur Jack-Kadıoğlu.

Using a waterproof “Ocean Basket” made by a Cornish artisan (gifted to the community of Fundo as part of a gift-exchange of woven basketry), villagers placed items that represent the best and worst aspects of their future, after which the basket was symbolically filled with seawater, embodying their intrinsic relationship with the coast. Timur Jack-Kadıoğlu, Facilitation through recording and observation of workshop, Mwambao Coastal Community Network.