Co-create with me

What I Offer:

Core Skills

Workshops in the landscape
Visual methodologies and data production
Novel mapmaking using hand-based and digital tools and ethnography
Design (co)production such as graphics, illustration and web materials
Exhibition creation and installation using fine art and design processes

Key Skills

Working co-collaboratively
Design strategising
Project direction and co-ordination
Novel presentation methods
Outreach such as social media and publications

Please email if you are interested in working together. dom AT ecogeographer DOT com. To date, I’ve worked with the following types of organisations and people:

CICs. CIOs. NGO’s & charities
Galleries, artists, designers, programmers & photographers
Independent research bodies
More than profit businesses
Social scientists

Co-produced newspaper made by me and 3 communities, 2 NGO’s, 2 communication experts, 2 artists, 1 filmaker, 1 faith based organisation and 3 academic institutions in 2018


Ecogeographer has been working with the NGO Green Map System since the year 2000

Working for Green Map System, New York, New York.