How do people value agricultural landscape?

How do people value agricultural landscape? To get to this answer, I believe it’s sensory and ethnographic. I am utilising citizen science principles and participatory action based depth to get to this answer. I can’t do it alone, it requires experts from different disciplines and sectors. This year collaboration has created a transdisciplinary sub-project with cartographer Shaun Lewin. We have called it Mapping Landscape Values. Part funded by Agritech and guided by several mentors, the project took eight weeks toRead more


UNLOCK NATURE: NATURE LIBÉRÉE ​​is a digital citizen science project led by Reef Conservation which is open to anyone living in Mauritius. Ecogeographer has been fortunate to work with Reef Conservation on several other occasions and it’s been a real pleasure to work with them again on this, despite the current situation and the terrible oil spill caused by MV Wakashio. Ecogeographer’s main role has been communication and design, whilst working with French translation, and attending all strategy and developmentRead more