Website re-build

Apologies, I am rebuilding this website.

I am ecogeographer, a

creative data mapper,

interdisciplinary designer with social intent and

arts-led action researcher.

I am putting together new information to better showcase the co-created work ecogeographer carries out.

Copy is changing. images are being remade and tagged, and urls relinked – if there is information that you would like to know about, text or visual, and you can’t see it, please email me dom AT ecogeographer DOT com. The site will grow and improve. Thank you for your patience.


Photograph Jason Parsons

2 responses to Website re-build

  1. Teresa Gleadowe says:

    Hello Dominica,
    Forgive me for approaching you like this, but I can’t find your email address. We’re planning an outdoor programme for children and families in the Cober Valley in August – the programme is called CAST-Off. We would like to encourage children to do some botanical drawing and I wondered whether this is something that might interest you. We’d like to find an artist who could lead one of two outdoor sessions – the programme will run on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout August.
    Best wishes,
    Mobile: 07968009087

    • dom says:

      Dear Teresa,

      I’ve emailed you from my main email but in case, thank you for reaching out and yes please, do send what details you have. I am interested but slow in responding this week as on holiday. Thank you, Dominica

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