Publications about theirwork

There’s been new interest in the project theirwork recently as well as my general practice. Here’s a couple of publications about theirwork and a blog post written by Emmet – co-developer. (I am up-dating the theirwork blog next month so I will make a new link to it later.) Chapter in Rethinking Maps: New Frontiers in Cartographic Theory by Routledge editor Martin Dodge (I will put up the intro to the book sometime; the rest of the chapters you haveRead more

Catmint’s glandular hairs

A peltate glandular trichome A forest of glandular and non-glandular hairs (trichomes) cover the catmint leaves that I am painting. I am painting the glandular hairs in detail for the Eden Project Florilegium archive so that in the future the work can be used to educate children about why cats love this plant and why it is of ethnobotanical importance to humans. The hair that is important to cats and humans is the peltate glandular trichome – the small mushroomRead more