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I’m starting to gather data about objects that were brought together at the business and academic conference ‘The Society and the Sea‘ via a workshop held on the banks of the Thames at Greenwich, London. Delegates were asked to bring an object from their home or from their walk to the conference that meant something to them about their coast.

Some objects were left as a keepsake, some were left with instructions “please return via post to …. “. As the lead artist, it’s been my job to check this anchor gets put into a red post box. It’s on its way.  The owner says ‘they feel naked without it’.

This work I have named ‘Object Elucidation’. It has been born out of a Global Challenges Research Funded project called Coral Communities. NGO’s have been pivotal in shaping the research and practice.  The arts team have summarised the ‘Object Elucidation’ workshop in this photographic essay. It captures the event and its urban beach staged setting.

The next job is to build another blog post that shows people talking about their objects as they hold or position them onto an aerial chart. This chart was made of sand and it framed the stage. It was a proscenium stage, the elevated backdrop was the river and the skyline of London – a landscape laden with centuries of sea-based heritage.

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I’ve moved from non-indigenous plantations to endangered sea meadows in the space of 3 years. In 2018 I will move between both with a focus on soil, saltwater swimming and communication. The territory I have to cover is rich, multi-dimensional and requires collaboration with experts in particular fields as well as working with communities who know their place.

I will have to communicate to academics through papers, NGO’s through practice-based activities such as workshopping and documenting, and to the public through drawing, exhibiting and listening. I also will slowly re-work the visual aspects of this site.

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octopus_object #CoralCommunities #coastscape #UKSandDune #DominicaWilliamson #JasonParsonsImages from the UK Coral Communities Visual Methods workshop led by Dominica Williamson with facilitation from NGO’s and scientists. Photographer Jason Parsons helped people to capture their objects ‘Bring an item that means something to you about the coast and that you can talk about in terms of ecosystem services. This can be an object or an image (e.g. a photograph or a picture from a newspaper/magazine), or anything else that springs to mind.’ ‘Now create a coastscape in a group, it can be an abstract idea or a simulation.’

‘The video, photographs and the making [artist led visual methods by Dominica Williamson] are about perspective taking, but also understanding each other’s perspectives and building empathy’ Louisa Evans, Senior Lecturer: Environment and Sustainability, Exeter University

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