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Yesterday I photographed Autumn. Today I am reflecting on Summer. It’s been bitter sweet. Aug 1st was held without my dad. He died hours before Valentine’s Day this year. He had a summery beard, yellow and ginger streaks – excellent grey as he grew old. His death has continued to make me think about decomposing, forests, the unseen. Things I was in part thinking about already. Perhaps my sick sense knew what was coming.

This Summer sunshine adorned our peninsula and dried the bones of everything including the frames of old cottages. Early in the summer heat, I danced with Sam Bleakly to African beats, did dance hall by a giant glitter ball and surfed in style with Andy Hughes (an injury’s held me back). I felt better. In late summer, I was lifted completely into my living body as I watched Sascha Goetzel for the first time. Full embodiment. The orchestra brought to life two Queen of Sheba treats. Oh wow, how we were processed into the avenue of a proms highlight.

Dominica williamson - Hawthorn at Perranporth
Dominica Williamson - Sorrel at Perranproth

Dominica Williamson - Willow, Perranporth
Dominica Williamson - Marram Grass at Perranporth

Dominica Willamson - Bramble, Perranporth
Dominica Williamson - Willow and Hawthorn, Perranporth

Now as I reach and pick the last blackberries (more crumble) and my boyfriend harvests seaweed for pizza, I think about the reaching, the gathering, the walking down the wild avenues with stained hands. I feel back in my body but connected to the beneath and wondering like never before. The leaves are dropping and starting to be tread into the mudden ground. Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Sloe and more line the track but I can bounce back on to Marram grass and catch the Autumn sun. The rays are fainter though and this week I realise it is time to concentrate on the Archaelogical in depth. I am re-entering a phenomenological framework, how apt given the year. I am walking in part within an archaeologist’s framework. Last time I walked with a programer. This time I have Goetzel, summer surf and Jamaican beats as well as the landscape at my side.

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A snippet of work

I’ve been designing many things for the Giant’s Quoit project such as the website, leaflets, posters and educational workshops and resources. It’s an exemplar community project and an important archaeological site – the first dig under a quoit for a long time.

This Autumn I am busy designing the App, the book, the walks brochure (brilliantly researched by Ramblers) and I am developing the Oral History side things, which is helping to broaden the outreach. Below is a snippet of the design work.

Giant's Quoit poster design by Dominica Williamson
Poster design for the Giant’s Quoit

Giant's Quoit Leaflets
Flyer designed for the Giant’s Quoit

Educational fun resources by Dominica Williamson
One of the educational resources I created for the Giant’s Quoit

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Mole by Dominica Williamson
A Mole found in Treslothan Woods, Troon, Cornwall, whilst on an archaeological walk.
It’s death has made me reflect on the year. It’s been a progressive, creative one, but also one full of strange sadness’. Drawing it has helped – an industrious digger but so soft and it has such fantastic claws and pads, and a beautiful mouth with shapely whiskers.
Mole at a Distance by Dominica Williamson

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